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Those who have a few or even all of their teeth missing should consider today’s natural-looking, comfortable dentures. Why? Because with dentures, you’ll be better able to eat certain foods and will speak more naturally. You’ll even appear younger with dentures, as they tend to fill out areas around your mouth that otherwise may appear sunken and wrinkled.

Partials or Complete Dentures

If you’re only missing a few teeth in one area of your mouth, you may need a “partial,” or a set of several teeth in a row. If all your teeth are missing, you’ll need a “complete denture.”

Denture Checkups

Today’s dentures are matched to your tooth colour and shape for a completely natural look and feel. But that great fit and comfort will diminish after several years due to the ever-changing shape of your mouth. Most dentures, in fact, last about 5 years. Be sure to come every year for a checkup here at Brooks Denture Clinic Ltd.

Denture Relines & Repairs

Aging dentures may become loose or ill-fitting and can be made much more comfortable with relines. As your jawbone changes shape over time, it’s important to reline the area of your denture that meets your natural gums. The need for denture repairs also crops up from time to time when dentures break, and you can depend on Brooks Denture Clinic Ltd for those, as well.

Sports Guards

No matter your age, if you have all your teeth and want to protect them so they’ll last a lifetime, consider a sports guard. By wearing this apparatus over your teeth while playing contact sports like hockey, football, martial arts or others, you’ll guard against chipping or even tooth loss.

Night Guards

Likewise, a night guard will protect you from tooth damage if you’re one of the many people who grinds your teeth at night. You can avoid Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) and other serious problems leading to discomfort by simply wearing a night guard while you sleep.

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